How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle While Chowing Down at Lunch Meetings

While I have had those moments — as we all do — where I wouldn’t mind grabbing a doughnut from those massive pink cardboard boxes (or the green and white ones if you are a Krispy Kreme lover, like me), or tuck into that third slice of pizza from the center of the conference room table, I know these are not the right choices.

Sure, those snacks were the diet of choice in my college days, but they don’t give me the fuel I need to work around the clock nor do they add years to my life (though they do add unwanted inches to my waist line!).

But this is an issue I have to deal with. Because I am always on the go. Whether the event is a lunch or dinner meeting with a potential customer or partner, or a conference where I’m speaking, I’ll rarely eat a “normal” lunch.

Nevertheless, I am learning to eat healthy at those lunch meetings, and I’m trying to help others make better choices, too. Here’s how I maintain a healthier lifestyle while at work and on the go:

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